Non-for-profit consulting services

We believe in improving the quality of life in our communities by providing comprehensive support to nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurship clients, who are committed to dissipating social and environmental issues and concerns. We deliver consulting service with the purpose of imparting knowledge so that organizations can learn sustainable ways of accomplishing their mission of relieving social issues. 

what we do

Our non-for-profit services range from strategic planning and organizational assessments to board development and advise on governance matters. We are available for short or long-term consultation on issues related to fundraising planning, capital campaign creation, roles and responsibilities of staff and board in fundraising, and strategies for long-term sustainability and diversity. We will work with your team to create a customized consulting plan that fits your needs and budget. We also offer a variety of fundraising training such as:


Non-for-Profit Staff Comprehensive Retreat (Day-Long)

This workshop is designed to feel more like a personalized strategic consulting session than a fundraising seminar. You will have ample time to interact with us, ask questions and hopefully, you will walk away with the valuable guidance needed to begin the implementation of an enhanced philanthropic strategy. Specific areas we will be discussing:

  • The fundraising process, strategic planning, review the board’s role in fundraising, the framework to build a comprehensive fundraising plan, and the need of developing and communicating a case for support.

  • Effective fundraising practices that can be adapted to meet the unique realities of smaller nonprofits.

  • Efficiently use your time and existing resources – including volunteers – to achieve your fundraising goals.

  • Review relevant case studies, philanthropic models, and practical examples to illustrate powerful strategies that could be useful to advance forward your organization’s mission.

Board Fundamentals (Half-Day)

This board training will help volunteers connect with the mission and prepare them to play a more substantial role in the fundraising space. The topics covered will help increase engagement including attendance and support in fundraising events. This training session is ideal for both board members and employees of not-for-profits. Specific areas we will be discussing:

  • How can board meetings be more productive?

  • Simple tools to help board members better communicate with the leadership team.

  • Working meetings vs. reporting meetings.

  • How to create engaging job descriptions/board member agreements for your team.

  • The importance of board governance assessment and guidance, bylaws and report cards.

Empowering your development team (Day-Long, Half-Day)

This training session is focused on improving teamwork and collaboration among departments, keeping donors engaged, and helping nonprofits professionals be more engaged with the mission. Not-for-profit employees are often stressed, exhausted, overcommitted and overwhelmed; a situation that doesn't support thinking clearly and strategically, building relationships, and coping with challenging situations that could potentially arise with fundraising. This session will allow the organization to re-focus your development team and maximize their reach. Specific areas we will be discussing:

  • How bringing the organization’s mission to life through storytelling which will bring you closer to mission-focused donors.

  • How to develop a donor pipeline through effective networking and marketing tactics.

  • How to determine gaps in your development plan and find out-of-the-box solutions.

  • How to take a donor through the cultivation cycle of identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship.

  • The importance of developing a stronger culture of philanthropy by using a donor-centric approach.


We can also work directly with your leadership team to craft an agenda that meets your organization’s specific needs and interests. For more information and details on training costs, please contact us at pr@lmassociatesconsulting.com or 786.843.7840.