Realize your personal power and
exude your inner peace

As women, so much of our life is lived in service of others. Whether supporting a family, being there for friends, or working long hours to see every project through, women give of themselves without giving it a second thought. 

But what if it’s that “second thought” that makes all the difference? What if just by learning how to listen to your intuition and raise your self-awareness you could: Realize your personal and professional dreams

  • Lead your family or team more effectively, resulting in increased productivity and a happier work/home environment 

  • Exude a true executive presence as the powerful, peaceful, beautiful woman you are

  • Live peacefully and joyfully while firmly rooted in your power- because that’s what it’s all about, right?

How are we different? 

Most executive coaches focus on one thing: your career. But after a combined 40 years of executive management experience, we realized that most female career paths fall into one of three patterns: 

  • Distraction- If your career is your baby and people use the words “driven, ambitious, focused” to describe you, congratulations! You’re a boss. You work long hours and hardly every take a vacation. You have a strong desire to achieve. But if there’s something missing, it’s likely that you’re one of the many women stuck in the distraction pattern who uses her career as a distraction from an unfulfilling personal life. Professional setbacks are deeply personal to you, and your focus can be misinterpreted as intensity at times. 

  • Ceiling- If you are loved by your colleagues, always described as “nice,” and constantly bending over backwards to lend a hand, congratulations! You’re a great colleague. But if you’re feeling like you are constantly overlooked for promotions, haven’t gotten a raise in years, and are just not sure how to reach the next level in your career, it’s likely that you’re one of the many women caught in the ceiling pattern who isn’t achieving her career potential because of an unfulfilling personal life. You don’t understand why you continue to be overlooked, and you wish you were seen and recognized as the boss that you are. 

  • Mirror- Are you the “peacemaker or diplomat,” often called upon to be a spokeswoman for your company during difficult times? Are you called upon to defend or explain decisions that aren’t yours?  And then, after this exhausting work, do you find yourself returning home to a dirty house only to start on housework and homework? Or listening to a friend who can’t seem to move on from her cheating boyfriend? If so, you’ve likely stepped into the mirror pattern, repeating the same challenges and habits you have developed in your personal life in your professional life. You don’t understand why you’re exhausted all the time and why everyone seems to matter but you. 

Our coaching services are specially designed to help you to break these patterns and realize your full potential and power. Unlike other executive coaches who focus only career goals, we go deeper to help you understand the patterns, beliefs, and standards that have stood in the way of your greatness. Your personalized six-week journey will leave you hopeful for the future and with a clear vision and path toward achieving your goals. Think of this as a strategic plan for your happiness. You WILL realize your personal power and access your inner peace. We guarantee it. 


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