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corporate social responsibility services

Corporate Social Responsibility has become part of the corporate infrastructure, a fundamental strategic priority for all. Corporations and organizations are increasingly seeking ways to implement corporate social responsibility models that align with their structure, needs, employee base, and desired outcomes.

We are living in the era of social change, accountability, transparency, diversity, and inclusion. The choices corporations and organizations are making regarding their involvement with certain brands, charities, and movements, are affecting the decision of the consumer and the minds of the next generation of employees.

Changing the world is complicated! The time is now.


We begin our work by asking one key question: How can we better position your corporation in the social arena? Once we understand your vision, we will work alongside your management teams to create unique, comprehensive social consciousness strategies. Our goal is to create, enhance or improve the support for your brand and maximize your impact, reach, and market share.

why become SOCIALly responsible

Corporate Social Responsibility has created a platform for companies and organizations to better look at their output– employee engagement, social consequences of their product/decisions and the overall perception of their business. Every day, more and more consumers and current and/or future employees, are cautious to support organizations that take a stance contrary to their own beliefs and values. This happens globally, nationally and in your own backyard.

our corporate social mission  

We provide support to local, national, and global companies and organizations, in order to enhance their corporate social responsibility. As part of our work, we research and select strategic philanthropic partnerships, sponsorships, and alliances that can be incorporated into new or existing marketing plans, and developed into long-term strategies that affect measurable impact in our ever-changing world. We are your corporate social responsibility strategists.


What you can expect from us:

  • Develop a tailored social consciousness strategy based on what you envision leaving to the next generation.

  • Bring corporate social responsibility to the C-Suite and beyond to include leadership coaching, media training, community positioning, corporate / organization culture, etc.

  • Serve as subject-matter experts on issues most important to you, while helping you align with key charitable causes and/or political influencers in your chosen area(s) of focus.

  • Seek out key strategic alliances including sponsorships and campaigns/movements that align with your vision and leverage your visibility.

  • Work with your internal teams such as your marketing management to seamlessly integrate your social consciousness messaging into all aspects of your brand. We also work with Human resources management to advocate and ensure topics such as inequality, flextime, diversity, harassment, etc., are all a part of the conversation.

  • Represent you in negotiations with key charitable partners in order to maximize the impact of your partnerships and track measurable outcomes.


Ignite your impact right now! Contact us at 786.843.7840 or write to us at pr@lmassociatesconsulting.com to schedule a free introductory consultation.